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Education travel can achieve many outcomes, often in a very short span of time.

Our choice of location in the mid Pacific is not by chance. For all of us who from New Zealand, Australia, United States and around the Pacific rim, we naturally find a sense of connection to the Pacific, the oceans, the islands, the culture. It is in this very special location where we begin to understand the impact of our individual actions and the vulnerability of people and culture.

Our location opens up an explorer mindset and encourages individuals to consider, not just where they are geographically, but where they are in their personal journey of contribution. It’s an experience that produces the outcome of new possibilities.

Any school that takes their students on a camp strives to meet and satisfy the specific needs of curriculum as well as the more intangible needs associated with learning; shifting viewpoints, challenging perspectives and creating memories.

Introducing young people to the idea of exploration is a key aspect behind the philosophy at Camp Taveuni. In a world where the most exploring being done a daily basis by most people is via the internet, Camp Taveuni’s location provides a chance to explore your own world view, your place in the world and open up the possibilities of how you may continue to explore and contribute to the world.

Exploring your own world view at Camp Taveuni is achieved through conversation and discussion, both formal and informal, as well as the overall structure of a group itinerary. We take time at the start of our journey with potential visiting groups to understand the desired outcomes and from there we create a plan that step by step will move toward the outcome as well as hitting the key areas of exploration we identify with you.

We provide visiting groups with the options of including our structured programmes that explore self and place through nature or we simply offer the environment where unstructured camp fire conversation provides opportunity for reflection and a chance to absorb new experiences. Either way, we know Taveuni touches, and moves, everyone. We will discover the explorer mind in you and your group.