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Student Immersions in Fiji are a specialty for us. Taveuni Island provides the perfect “Island Classroom” with learning opportunities for all levels of education. Immerse the class in a ten-day environmental challenge and link it to curriculum. Unleash the social justice warrior, get them out of the classroom and into the natural surroundings, and put young minds to the test on how to support the Pacific in this changing environment. Create a geo-park itinerary and explore world heritage Bouma waterfalls, the Vuna blowholes, and research the volcanic activity of Taveuni.

With a background in travel management across the national Australian University sector, and over 10 years in senior school teaching, Allen Burton has the experience to partner with student or university groups who are travelling with specific outcomes in mind. In Taveuni, your university group – student or staff – can immerse in the realities of business, tourism and health challenges in the Pacific. We can ensure you pack as much into the program as possible, check out the list of activities.

Educational Tours with Customised Itineraries

Camp Taveuni will develop an itinerary which will include introductions to local business, tours and information sessions with agriculture, hospitality and tourism businesses along with government teaching facilities.

A study tour to Taveuni will provide an in-depth understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of building a business in the Pacific and will provide an opportunity for students to contemplate the place of Fiji in the geo-political setting, as a developing nation and in its relationship to Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Lots of learning! Importantly our approach is to understand your needs and customise your travel and experiences to support your outcomes.

We can work with you to develop unique, individualised programs to ensure outcomes are achieved – and everyone has a great time.

Sample Itinerary

Each group will have their own outcomes connected to their learning objectives. We welcome groups who want to explore topics related to the environment, economics, culture, climate impact, art, photography, agriculture and a combination of them all. Taveuni offers a unique combination for learning across all these areas. Here are some examples of activities that can be linked to learning:

What might your student immersion look like? Check out a sample itinerary here

Educational travel can include a trip to find the Tagimoucia.
Educational travel can include a trip to find the Tagimoucia.