Unique Accommodation in Taveuni, Fiji

Discover Fiji’s Most Unique Accommodation in Taveuni

Accommodation in Taveuni from where you can explore the Rainbow Reef, Tagimoucia Flower, Taveuni Coastal Walks

Accommodation in Matei, Taveuni that enables you to explore the best of Taveuni Island from our central location. Camp Taveuni offers the perfect range of accommodation options for all Travellers. Taveuni offers great experiences in the water and on the land – come see the Tagimoucia flower, dive the rainbow reef, walk the most beautiful untouched coastal walk, and swim in a waterfall.

Embrace the authentic island experience with our range of value accommodation:

Traditional Bure with Ensuite: Immerse yourself in Fijian culture while enjoying the comfort of your own ensuite. Experience the true essence of Fiji without breaking the bank.

Cozy Eco-Domes for Two: Our small eco-domes are ideal for budget-conscious duos seeking a unique and eco-friendly stay amidst nature’s wonders.

Large Eco-Domes: Join like-minded travelers in our spacious large eco-domes that offer dormitory-style lodging for up to 10 people. Each bed has an individual fan, power, light and phone charging station. Share stories, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Female-Only Option: For our female adventurers, we offer a safe and inclusive space in one of our large eco-domes. Travel with confidence and enjoy the company of fellow female explorers. Each bed has an individual fan, power, light and phone charging station.

Camp Taveuni is perfect for groups of all types – diving, school immersion, family groups, celebration groups. Contact us via email for further information on how we can accommodate your group. We offer extra space for groups who are staying with us to gather for formal or informal meetings. We have a spacious flat area for volleyball or soccer as well as a deep pool to cool off. Customised programs for education and learning experiences are available.

At Camp Taveuni, we believe that a remarkable island adventure shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. Embrace the beauty of Fiji without compromising on your budget. Book your dream getaway today!

Camp Taveuni Bures

Our traditional bures option provides private ensuite facilities in each of the rooms. The small bure is ideal for two people travelling together who are happy to share space but not a bed. The large bure offers extra space and double bed.

Unique Accommodation in Taveuni, Fiji 1

Small Domes

Small domes are a great way to experience a different accommodation style without crushing the budget. Each small dome has a double bed, fan, space for clothes, outlet for phone charging. Communal facilities.

Unique Accommodation in Taveuni, Fiji 2

Large Domes

Large domes accommodate single or group travelers. Communal toilet and shower facilities are close by, and all are connected with concrete pathways … to keep the feet clean!

Unique Accommodation in Taveuni, Fiji 3

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