Our Vision

Moving from a business and corporate background into education was a deliberate decision to pursue a life of purpose for Allen Burton.

Allen gained his Masters in Education (Leadership) from Monash University and taught Economics and Business for both State and Private Schools in Melbourne, Australia for over 10 years. During his time in the classroom, Allen brought real-world experiences from the travel and university industries to his students learning with excellent results.

With a desire to bring learning to life and inspire young minds, Allen traveled to South Africa, Papua New Guinea - where he walked the Kokoda Trail, dived on WWII shipwrecks in the Solomon Islands, explored the ecology and off-grid living in Tonga, visited Vanuatu and then discovered what he believes is Island Classroom of Taveuni, in Fiji.

In Taveuni, Allen believed he had found a remarkable opportunity for students to undertake soft adventure - hiking, water slides, horse riding, diving - as well emerging into a location where sustainability, climate reality, pacific economics, and business can all be linked to the learning (textbook) curriculum.

Taveuni is traditional Fiji and can provide students an opportunity to experience a different way of living by connecting with local villages, undertaking a community project, learning how local business and tourism operates - the challenges and rewards and exploring how foreign aid and foreign trade impact the developing Pacific nations.

Camp Taveuni has the vision to

inspire young minds