Authentic Fiji

Taveuni offers a different experience to many other parts of Fiji. Taveuni is the Garden Island of these pacific islands where you will find traditional farming and lush forests.

You will still find the beaches and the world-famous Fiji spirit and plenty of welcoming smiles.

From your arrival at Taveuni airport, through village encounters, and experiencing the rugged, rural nature of Taveuni and all it has to offer, you will find the authentic Fiji.

Secrets of history and soft adventure

It is no secret that Taveuni is home to the world-renown Rainbow Reef, a sensational dive experience.

Other secrets here include the meridian line, the rare birdlife, the one, and only Tagimoucia flower, and another little slice of history we will keep up our sleeve.

Teams, groups, students, teachers can all share in the secrets of Taveuni.