Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The waters surrounding Taveuni and Vanua Levu are world famous for scuba diving and snorkeling. With dozens of dive sites and accolades from such famous divers as Jean-Michel Cousteau proclaiming the area “The soft coral capitol of the world”, it's no wonder.

The Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef are just two of the attractions awaiting divers. The waters here teem with aquatic life, hard and soft corals and unique underwater formations.

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Swap your beach blues for the jade jungles of Fiji’s 'Garden Island'. Lush, ridiculously green and humid, Taveuni is heaven for hikers, where even the shortest trails offer up rare endemic birdlife, gargantuan trees and bizarre rock formations. In Bouma National Heritage Park, the Lavena Coastal Walk takes trekkers on a 5km journey past beautiful beaches, rainforest villages and over a suspension bridge to hidden waterfalls. Serious sloggers can head up the steep Des Voeux Peak or to the muddy mountain crater of Lake Tagimaucia.


Bird Life

Bird watchers consider Taveuni among the best of the big islands. Bird fauna has been impacted less here and the big pigeons and parrots are easy to see.

Among the birds on everyone’s wishlist is the Azure Crowned Flycatcher.


Lavena Coastal Walk

Beginning at Lavena village, this walk takes you along Taveuni's wild southeastern coastline, past breathtaking views, black sand beaches, and beautiful forests.

Lavena Coastal walks ups the activity level with the challenge of crossing the river using a rope bridge. Very manageable for those accustomed to bush walking.

Your reward is the beautiful hidden waterfall.

Bring your bathers for a swim.

Heaven on earth.

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Bouma National Heritage Park

Making up a third of Taveuni island, the Bouma National Park is a serene setting and a wonderful escape from the tropical heat. Home to three spectacular falls, each unique and worth the walk, it makes for a fantastic family day out, a romantic hike, a bird watching hub or a place to kayak. It also helps generate an income for the four surrounding villages, with the traditional park owners being three local tribes.

Waterfall Hike

Tavoro Falls

One of the highlights of the Bouma National Heritage Park, that is a must-see for anyone, is the spectacular Tavoro Waterfall. At the end of a 10-minute walk, you’ll reach a series of three waterfalls. The first one, which tumbles 24m has a swimming hole, so remember your swimwear. You’ll then want to check out the second one at 15m and the third at 10m. Access to the walk is easy from a car park found on the main road into the park.


Natural Rock Waterslide

Zoom down the natural waterslide at Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide buried in a rainforest. The water glides down a slab of smooth rocks and into a natural pool, creating the perfect natural waterpark attraction.

You will find all ages here enjoying this amazing work of nature.


Vuna Blowholes

On the southwest side of the island near the little village of Vuna, the tide rushing toward the island creates impressive blowholes which can reach up to 50m (160ft) high! As tide times tend to change you will have to ask around the village when would the best time of the day be to witness this amazing natural wonder.

Taveuni !

Relax on the Beach

Don’t tell us that you didn’t come to Fiji for some beach time! There’s plenty of beaches around Taveuni to soak up the sun, go for a swim, or snorkel, or even a romantic stroll.


Vunitarawau Mangrove Trek

This is best organised when on Taveuni as it is kind of a local’s secret. Near Qeleni lies Vunitarawau which is home to a rare mangrove forest trek that is best done with a guide. This rather unique sight and experience in Fiji is well worth seeking out if you happen to have some spare time on Taveuni and want a real adventure to remember.


Wairiki Mission

Built in 1895, the Catholic Church of Wairiki is an impressive historical site to see in its own right. Attending a Sunday service is the best time to see the Fijian spirit come to life with beautiful singing in this grand building. You’ll see that people are extremely religious in Fiji sitting on the floor during the sermons. When visiting any church in Fiji, respect people and don’t take pictures during the mass. Taking photos of this 125-year-old church from the outside is acceptable


Village Visit

Matei, Somosomo, Waiyevo, Wairiki, Vuna, Lavena and Bouma are the largest villages scattered across Taveuni. Taking the time to visit the villages, meeting the friendly locals and learning from their customs is always an eye-opener and a great way to take something from your trip to Fiji.



While sea kayaking in Taveuni, you can see sights such as lush rainforests, local villages, cascading waterfalls, hot springs, coral reefs, and the many other forms of marine life that reside in these waters.

There is limited river kayaking in Taveuni which is great for both those who want to experience some whitewater action or those who simply want to take a calm and peaceful journey through the water.



Taveuni is a great surf spot for beginners - probably not the dog though!  Learn to surf on gentle waves and steady breaks. For the more experienced surfer, offering world-class waves and un-crowded conditions (often only just you and your boatload) the island of Qamea, only a 30-minute boat ride off the mainland of Taveuni, is surrounded by a beautiful natural reef system that has the ability to break on either a SE or a SW swell. There are a number of left and right-handed breaks that surround the island paradise of Qamea.

Stand, Up

Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun and relaxing activity that allows you to explore the waters without actually swimming or floating in it. The sport, which is basically an offshoot of surfing, involves standing on what appears to be a conventional surfboard and propelling yourself through the water with something that resembles a canoe paddle, only longer. It’s one of the fastest growing water sports in the world and has been adapted to incorporate other enjoyable activities


International Dateline

The 180th Meridian is about one kilometer south of the Garden Island Resort. Take a right from the entrance of the hotel and go up the road toward the hospital watching for a monument on your right. This was where the international dateline once passed. The dateline was later changed so as not to bisect Taveuni.


Tour of Nabogiono Farm

Nabogiono, associated with Fiji’s National Trust, is located on the south end of Taveuni a few kilometers before Paradise Taveuni Resort (near Vuna Village). It’s 100 acres of integrated organic farmland mixed with native rain forest and an ocean environment. Naresh (Bobby) Shankaran is a one-man self taught naturalist, ethnobotanist, (Permaculture) farmer, bird watcher and social entrepreneur.

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De Voeux Peak

The views from atop De Voeux Peak, 1,200m  high, are some of the best in Fiji. Either hire a guide with a 4WD to be up the mountain in 40 minutes or tackle the 2-hour steep climb yourself! While the views over Vanua Levu and the Somosomo Strait are incredible, the birdlife you’re likely to see is also a treat!

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